Welcome to the SSM Master of Research Program

At the Swiss School of Management our goal is to stimulate your thirst for knowledge, build your confidence and provide you with innovative classes and timely material. We offer a great variety of academic and professional courses and programs. A successful career demands a solid foundation of knowledge. That’s why we not only effectively teach business fundamentals, but go one step further to ensure the development of you as a person and as a leader.

Our focus is to give students a real-life experience in the class-room. At SSM you’ll simulate the real challenges faced by business leaders as you’re called on to analyse data, develop alternatives, make and defend your recommendations and execute. We succeed in this goal by not only using case studies but also having extraordinary international faculty members, that enrich our courses with real-life experience, preparing you for the real-world better than any lecture- based program ever could.

Our programs contemplate company visits, guest lecturers and speakers from the industry or the field of study. Each course includes the interlinking of a leadership, ethical and entrepreneurial component that will allow candidates to turn concepts into decisions, knowledge into action, and ideas into change, providing the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class to real life. In each class, we will open your mind to how the world really works, we will contribute to your professional appearance and behavior.

Master of Research (MRes) degrees are innovative programs of studies and getting increasingly popular. In contrast to other Master’s programs such as the Master of Science or Master of Arts, the Master of Research is focused on preparing students for doctoral research. The aim of the programme is to qualify you for a career in research. There is a strong focus on scientific and academic skills. A research degree is an advanced program of study allowing you to investigate a topic relevant to your field of interest.

Swiss School of Management ́s MRes provides you with a thorough basis for academic research in the fields of Economics and Business. The increasing sophistication of the practice of management and the rising complexity of global business generates demand for experts in management. We are looking for candidates that have a passion for research and have the ambition to become leading scholars in their field. You will have an opportunity to do in-depth study and research in the field that most interest you.

This Masters degree will equip you with the necessary

skills to undertake sustained, independent and innovative research. The program emphasizes a strong foundation in both methodological and theoretical training. Students analyse their topic at an advanced level, applying research methodology and techniques to contribute new knowledge to their field, under appropriate supervision.

You will gain the confidence to work in creative and flexible ways, and develop the ability to plan, produce and present rigorous, independent and theoretically informed studies. It also fosters the development of essential professional skills to enhance your employability, such as self- management, team work, problem solving and communication.

Within your research Proposal you are requested to provide evidence of your intellectual capability to undertake empirical research of scientific quality and value, which is defendable, robust, consistent and fully evidence-based. The Research Proposal is a transitory step from a Master’s to a doctoral level.


General Study Information


Duration of Programme

The MRes programme has a duration of 3 semesters (18 months), earning 90 ECTS.

Begin of Study

Enrolments are generally accepted throughout the year.

Entry Requirements

Completed bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), or a postgraduate degree with significant professional work experience.

Learning Structure

All courses are structured in modules, according to the Bologna reform. There are Eight compulsory taught modules within the first two semesters and the Master ́s Thesis in the third semester.

Mode of Study

The MRes program is based on a research-oriented , full-time and/or part-time study model. Residential study, web-based-learning, blended learning are combined with work-based-study supported by systemic coaching or supervised by faculty and teaching staff.


All modules include a test or examination. Advanced forms of examination, such as presentation, essay, portfolio, group discussion with assessment, etc. are possible.

Final Examination

The final examinations are held at the end of the program. They consist of oral and written examinations and comprise the Research Proposal

Final Certification

Successful students will receives an MRes Certificate a Diploma Supplement and an Academic Transcript.

Structure and Schedule

Master of Research

The Master of Research (MRes) program is in line with international standards of Postgraduate Education on the European Qualification Framework (EQF) level 7 and fulfils the criteria of process harmonisation of Higher Education within the European Union. The program awards successful students 90 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

  • 40 ECTS credits by completion of five compulsory taught modules (8 ECTS credits per module), and
  • 32 ECTS credits by completion of four elective taught modules (8 ECTS credits per module), and
  • 18 ECTS credits by writing and presenting a Research Proposal plus Viva

Modules are delivered interactively and based on actual knowledge and research. The Master of Research will enhance your role in senior management, or prepare you for a career in academia. It is also a stepping stone to further research degrees, such as a PhD.

Each individual module is designed to provide in- depth subject knowledge and also contributes to a cross-functional understanding. The overall outcome of this program supports graduates in their career development through the combination of academic knowledge and essential research orientation on highest standards. Emphasis of the program is high impact on employability.

The program of studies is delivered as full-time or part -time modus, offering through intensive learning on weekend sessions as a blended learning concept (on- campus class, virtual class, e-learning, experiential learning). In addition to the formal contact hours, students will be expected to engage in independent studies during and between the different modules.

The MRes is considered as relevant, rich and academically valid through the adoption of high standards in Higher Education.


General Entry Requirements


Candidates with a First Degree

The Master of Research (MRes) is a focused postgraduate programme based on the European Qualification Framework (EQF) level No. 7. It is directed to candidates, who already hold a Bachelor Degree or a similar Undergraduate Qualification on EQF Level 6.

To enter the program, candidates need to prove excellent English communication skills.

Candidates with a Postgraduate Degree

Equally welcomed are applicants, who have a postgraduate Qualification (e.g. Master, MBA) with significant professional experience and practice in an organisation. The expectation for those professionals, is a minimum of four (3) years experience on managerial and/or supervisory level. Such evidence has to be proven during the application process.


Quality Assurance on National Level of Further Education


SSM is certified to the standard of Swiss Further Education by EduQua.

EduQua is a Public Private Partnership with e.g. the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs for Quality Assurance in HE in Switzerland (SQS).

Certificate of Accreditation and excerts from online data base of EduQua are displayed on the following pages.


Global Student Benefits

  • Acknowledged University as part of European Qualification Framework
  • Campus locations in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy
  • Latest academic knowledge with practice-orientation targeting Employability Impact
  • Delivery by carefully selected national Partner Institutes making studies more affordable and accessible
  • Part of a truly global student community
  • International Graduation Ceremony
  • Global Alumni Network

Application and Enrolment


How to apply: step by step from Application to Enrolment

1. Application

To apply for a Master of Research (MRes) programme, please submit first the application form and provide us your biographical data. For this purpose, use the student portfolio form at next. The student portfolio is used to assess whether an applicant is eligible for the MRes. In case of acknowledgement, the candidate receives a letter of acceptance. You can download the forms at our website or use the application form which you will find at the end of this brochure.

The student portfolio form will ask you to provide biographical and academic information, to detail your educational and extracurricular activities. Information must be complete with exact dates given on each entry. Please fill in the form carefully and as far as you can, so that your application can be edited as soon as possible. All Documents has to be submitted in electronic version (PDF or jpg-Format) to the Office of Admissions. There are two opportunities to send us the electronic documents:

2. Letter of Acceptance

Swiss School of Management will notify you of the results of your application. Await the decision! In the case of acknowledgement, the student receives a letter of acceptance.

3. Educational Agreement and Study Fees

After receiving the letter of acceptance, please fill in the educational agreement. As soon as the study contract has been signed and submitted (an electronic versions / pdf-file can be submitted via email), the application fee and the study fee have been paid for at least the first semester, the student receives a confirmation of enrolment and can start with study.

4. Begin of Study

Together with your student counsellor, an individual study plan can be prepared or discussed at a personal meeting or at an introductory seminar at the beginning of the course.


Enrolment Documentation


In order to be enrolled into the DBA programme at the University students must submit the following documents in either one of the following languages: English, German:

  • Passport or ID-Card (photocopy or scan as pdf file)
  • Certificate from an accredited secondary school, High School diploma, VWO, Baccalauréat, Maturité Fédérale, German Abitur or equivalent.
  • University degree certificates (Bachelor, Master etc.)
  • Official Transcript of Records (educational records) / Curriculum (a certificate issued by his University / Faculty which contains all the marks that the student received for each discipline during his University studies, in each semester, and the ECTS numbers for each discipline)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of English or German language proficiency (Toefl, Goethe Institute, Cambridge, or equivalent)

Please note: The original documents or original translations shall be submit on request or have to be given to your student counsellor.

Documents in other languages must be translated into one of the aforementioned languages and legalized by a notary public in the country of origin.

If necessary school and university certificates and documents are required in certified form (Apostille), plus the following:

  • Passport photography (jpg or other file format)
  • A non-refundable application fee of €200
  • Application form Portfolio – dated and signed in original (available on our website or at the office of admissions)


Short Facts Overview



Master of Research (MRes)


5 mandatory Modules, 4 electives and the presentation of the Research Proposal (Viva). Parttime and residential study, web-based-learning, blended learning combined with work-based- study supported by systemic coaching or supervised by faculty and teaching staff.

ECTS-Credits 90 ECTS Credits
Begin of Study

Throughout the year

Duration of Programme

18 Month / 3 Semesters. Extension of study will be evaluated upon request


At accredited SSM Learning Centers


Completed bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), or a postgraduate degree with significant professional expertise and practice in an organisation.

The Master of Research (MRes) will expand your professional skills as well as practical experience in your company.

A higher level of education makes you indispensable as an employee and opens doors for new challenges and tasks. In addition, you strengthen your so-called market value which usually entails better financial benefits.

Embedded in the realities of global business, the Master of Research (MRes) equips you with knowledge, real-world skills, and business and management best practice. It is also about your potential – it will develop your skills, enhance your career opportunities and expand your professional networks. Whether you are seeking promotion or looking for a new career direction, an MRes demonstrates that you are an aspiring employee who is prepared to invest in your career.

Getting a higher salary after graduation, landing a top management position or even becoming your own boss are just a few of the extra advantages of the Master of Research (MRes).


Tuition Fees


The overall tuition fees are Euros 13,900

The tuition fees can be paid in per payment plan below:

Payment Plan:

  • Application fee:       €      200.-
  • Enrollment fee:       € 4,600.- (before start of the program)
  • First Instalment:      € 3,100.- (after three months)
  • Second Instalment: € 3,100.- (after six months)

Application Procedures




NOTE: Do not fill in by hand and scan.
Hand written forms will not be accepted.

Application have to be sent
to the following address:
Swiss School of Management
University of Washington Rome Center
Piazza del Biscione 95
00186 Rome, Italy
Phone:  +39 06 4004 93 20


Apply for the MRes Program


Fill out the application form for the SSM program and send it back to us at to begin the process of applying.

Note: Application will not be reviewed until all documents have been received electronically and the application fee has been received.