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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees selects and evaluates the SSM President, and adopts strategic policies, priorities and plans to direct the operation of the Institution. The Board does not make specific operational decisions or approve operational rules; these decisions are made by the President and those to whom he or she delegates authority.

Specific complaints or grievances are handled by the President, not the Board.

The Board develops the institution’s basic priorities. Long-term goals and priorities are stated in Board Policy, and the Board reviews and approves the plans to achieve them in the annual budget and the annual review and adjustments of the Strategic Plan. In addition to the “what to do” priorities, Board policy also specifies a set of “what to not do” priorities in areas such as purchasing and employee relations.

TERMS: The founder is elected for lifetime. All other members are elected for 7 years, with maximum 2 terms possible

MEETINGS: The Board of Trustees meets twice a year, before the yearly graduation and mid-April.

Massimiliano Bracalé

— Founding President and Chairman

Benedetta Podestà

— Procurements, PR, Member of the faculty

Gaetano Pascale

— Senior Partner, Head of Criminology Dept.

Gianni Manente

— Director of Business Development, Member of the faculty

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board to the Swiss School of Management provides advice and support to the School on existing and proposed educational and academic programs and other activities. Specifically, it provides guidance strategies, assists in maintaining effective liaison with the Universities and the external communities, and helps to maintain and upgrade the reputation the School presently enjoys in undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses activities.

Enrico Frisone

— Export Area Manager
Molinari Italia SpA

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Simona Panseri

— Direttore Comunicazione e Public Affairs
Google Italy

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Academic Senate


As mandated by the School’s governing body, the Academic Senate, is empowered to determine academic policy; set conditions for admission and the granting of degrees; authorize and supervise courses and curricula; and advise the administration on faculty appointments and promotions. This delegated authority makes the SSM Academic Senate unique among faculty governments.

The Academic Senate, provides the organizational framework that enables the faculty to exercise its right to participate in the School’s governance.

TERMS: The founder is elected for lifetime. All other members are elected for 7 years, with maximum 2 terms possible

MEETINGS: The Academic Senate meets twice a year, before the yearly graduation and mid-April.

Marshall Langer

– Head of Economics & Finance Studies

Robert Pardi

– Prof. Macro Economics & Strategic Financial Management

Massimiliano Bracalé

– Founding President

Giovanni Manente

– Business Development & Member of the Faculty

Cindy Leonardini

– Marketing

Flavia Muzi Falconi

– Head of Luxury Management

Gaetano Pascale

– Head of Criminology

Antonio Marturano

– Head of Leadership Studies

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